History of development freight transportations

History of development freight transportations

Transport logistics as a separate industry has developed very interestingly and is known since ancient times. In general, cargo transportation is an action in the course of which cargo is delivered using any vehicle: automobile, air, water, railway. Cargo transportation was important both for maintaining the economic condition of the country, and for the individual. The development of cargo transportation is associated with the progress of methods of delivery, transportation, packaging, loading and unloading.

Perhaps the most famous example in world history is the Great Silk Way. It was important for the formation of economic ties not only for Asia, but also for many countries of the world. He began his journey back in the 2nd century BC. and consisted of a single scheme of movement from China to the countries of the East and Europe. The main product exported from China was silk. But that is far from all. Caravans brought from China: tea, rice, gunpowder, porcelain, metal utensils and much more, and from Asian countries: horses, military equipment, precious metals, semiprecious stones, fabrics, wool, fruits, animals, etc. 

During the Renaissance, carriages were made, the so-called stagecoaches using the power of animals, mainly horses. In view of their large size, they were intended for the transport of bulk cargo within the same city, as well as for the movement of some important persons.

At the end of the 14th - beginning of the 15th century, the next stage began - the opening of sea routes. From this moment began the formation of international transport. Relations have been established between Asia and Europe, India and Europe, United States and Asia. Ships were constantly being built, and the number of paths between continents was increasing.

In the future, after the opening of sea routes, the most important step is the construction of the railway. This greatly facilitated the transportation of goods and brought the industry to a new level. The advantage of the railway was the high speed of transportation and the possibility of delivery between distant parts of the world.

And, finally, the last and most important stage in the development of cargo transportation as an industry was the invention of the automobile and the further creation by the Wright brothers of air transport, which completely changed the entire transportation process.

Today, there are a huge number of trucking companies that provide transportation services to different corners of countries and the world.

Cargo transportation allows you to establish and strengthen economic ties between cities and countries. They are important not only for large companies, but also for ordinary people. Of course, the process of improving freight transportation did not stop there, but continues to develop to this day.

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